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Relaxing Cruises


Winter Special May, June & July - 2014

Book any Function and get 1 x hours FREE boat hire saving you $250

Minimum 20 people

Here at Seafood Cruise Mooloolaba - The Party Boat, , so if your looking for a night out with the girls or boys even mixed crowds then we can help.


Relaxing Adults

Here at seafood cruise mooloolaba we understand that not everyone wants a crazy night out with strippers, others prefer the more relaxed day or night out with friends. We offer that something different for your Hens night or girls night.seafood cruise mooloolaba relaxation cruises party venue sunshine coast

Choose between a day or evening cruise with several different Menu Options

May be a champagne breakfast cruise, enjoy a full all you can eat champagne breakfast with your friends while cruising the magical waterways of mooloolaba.

Why not add Massages, facials and pedicures to the cruise with our talented onboard therapists, imagine the serenity of cruising the river while indulging yourself and your guests with massages and beauty treatments.

Therapist Prices:

seafood cruise mooloolaba relaxation cruises party venue sunshine coast

15 minute Massage, Facial or Mini Pedicure
$25.00 per person

Half and Hour Massage, Facial or Mini Pedicure
$40.00 per person

1 Hour Massage, Facial or Pedicure $80.00 per person

*Not everyone has to have treatments only those who wish to participate need pay.

Party Gamesseafood cruise mooloolaba relaxation cruises party venue sunshine coast

We can help you arrange and play some of the most outrageous and naughty games around, some of which are not appropriate to discuss on this web site but all are great fun and will have you and your guests in stitches of laughter. Have a chat to our friendly staff when enquiring about booking for more information.

Games suggestions include:

Pole Dancing Competition - We have eight poles for ladies to have a competition.

The Naughty List - A check list of naughty tasks with associated points, girls must complete tasks in order to get the most points.

The Wedding Dress - Make a wedding dress from toilet paper, best dress wins.

Post It Note Fun - Everyone writes a memory of the Hen on a post it note. Very Funny

I Never - The Chief Bridesmaid should start the game by announcing something she has not done. An example could be " I never flirt with other men when I already have a partner". Any girls who DO flirt with men even though they have a partner then have to take a drink and be watched by everyone as they admit their secret!
Brief all the girls to try and think of the most imaginative things they have never done to make the game more fun.

I dare You - Pretend to be a page from the Karma Sutra for 15 seconds
- Change your outer layer of clothing with someone else within 1 minute
- Sing "Like a Virgin", Madonna style
- Kiss a cushion as if it’s your favourite film star
- Pose as a pin up for 15 seconds
- Confess the wildest thing you’ve ever done
- Eat a banana suggestively
- Talk about the sexiest feature on you for 30 seconds
- Describe your ultimate fantasy
- Pick a partner and do the Lambda for 30 seconds
- Stand in the middle of the room and sing "I’ve got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts" ETC

Bingo - You each choose between 6-9 numbers (depending on the size of the group) between 1-30. When the host calls a number which is one you have chosen you have to quickly shout something that you would say whilst having sex. Another option is to make a noise you might make. When you are down to your last number you have to shout 'I'm coming' and when you have used all your numbers you have to shout out really loudly 'I'VE COME!!. 

Batty - This is quite a simple game, and best of all it’s quite simple to set up. You need, a tennis ball, an old pair of tights, and a water bottle half filled with water.

Put the tennis ball inside the tights so that it’s right down in the toe. Now you have to tie the tights so that it’s around their hips and it is hanging behind them.

Put the water bottle in the middle of the room (with the cap on) and get them to try and knock the bottle over. Give them 4 minutes to try, if they can’t do it then get another guest to try.

*Please remember to bring your own prizes and props needed for games.


Considering a theme to your hens night, its well worth the effort as you guests will have more fun because they can hide behind their character, suggested theme ideas are Saints and Sinners, Pimps and Prostitutes, Fashion Wannabe's, Cinderella's Ball, Gangster or Charleston or Dressed to the nines.

For all fancy dress hire please visit our friend at Costumes Galore who will give you special attention just mention Seafood Cruise Mooloolaba Party Boat

Costumes galore in association with seafood cruise mooloolaba party boat venue

Bar Facilities


All patrons deemed to look under 25 will be asked for photo ID

Seafood Cruise Mooloolaba is a fully licenced venue with two bars onboard, one on the dining deck and one on the upper viewing deck. You have the option to run a TAB if you wish or guests pay as they go (Cash Bars) minimum on EFTPOSseafood cruise mooloolaba party boat function center venue sunshine coast

under liquor license regulations our bar staff reserve the right to refuse service to any person deemed to be unduly intoxicated or under the age of 18 or those without current photo ID. Also any person may be removed from the vessel if deemed a nuisance. If a group as a whole are deemed unruly then your cruise may be ended by our skipper or staff and no refunds will be given. There is NO B.Y.O or Take away from our vessel.

All service of alcohol can only commence once vessel is considered underway and both bars must stop service at 10pm or 15 minutes prior to completion of trip.

Under no circumstances is alcohol to leave our vessel once docked as Mooloolaba Marina are not licensed.

Final Numbers and Payments


An estimate of numbers is required upon booking and final numbers must be given to us 1 week prior to your function for catering purposes, if a final number is not given then you will be charged at the last number given to us by the organizer.

All payments for guests, vessel hire and menus is required 1 week prior to the function and bar tabs are payable on the day of the cruise 15 minutes prior to the completion of your trip. EFTPOS and Credit Card payment is available for payment of TABS only. ($40 Min)

Groups who do not attend their booked function or fail to supply final numbers or a menu selection last minute or within less than 1 week of their booked function will incur a $1000 booking fee and their booking will be cancelled. This is due to the fact another function could have been booked in its place. This is our company policy and is enforced.

Damage or Misbehaviour


Any group that has caused damage will be asked to pay for it on the day of the cruise before the vessel will be berthed, if the cost of the damage cannot be obtained on the cruise then full details of the person who booked the cruise will be taken (drivers license and credit cards). All damage to our vessel or contents is the responsibility of the person or company who booked the cruise. A minimum charge for any damage or excess clean up required by our staff is $500 so please behave and respect our premises.

Any person or group deemed to be misbehaving or unruly will be cautioned by staff and if not settled asked to leave the vessel with no refunds given. Any group starting physical violence to each other or our staff will be handled by police waiting at the marina. We have a strong reputable relationship with the mooloolaba police and they take our complaints very seriously.

Please see our Cancellation and rules policy here cancellation policy


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Bookings Line: 1800 054442
General Information: 0428 576 474


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